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I have been working in the Personal Computer industry since 1983.

Albany Business College (now defunct) purchased 28 original 2nd generation IBM PCs (64 -256k models) with monochrome monitors, dual 5 1/4" floppy drives, Epson FX-80 printers and printer switch boxes.  I was to teach myself about them and then pass on this knowledge to the instructors (who were presently teaching me mainframe related classes - (Data General Eclipse C-250 anyone?) and how to use them.

Prior to this, I worked with a Kaypro-10 CP/M based PC.  Sheesh, remember the pac-man game in text mode?

Since then, I've moved right along with the industry, albeit slowly at times.  The PC / network industry is rapidly changing and is always a challenge.

My favorite time so far since the beginning of this journey has been to teach classes I need to receive my bachelor's degree.  You see, I haven't taken these classes yet but I've already taught them.  Sooner or later, the 4 year degree will be achieved.   (Yeah, right - maybe after this Y2K thing has passed!)

I am always (most times) available for PC (IBM / compatibles) related questions.   I may take some time to get back to you due to other demands on my time.

Tracy Barber


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