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French Colonies General Issue #1


If anyone, who is just starting to collect stamps -OR- is returning to the hobby - would like to receive 100+ worldwide stamps or 100+ United States stamps, please write me a short note and I'll be happy to send some to you.  A post card, a letter, birch bark, papyrus - whatever!

There are a few conditions to this -  
>> Please Read <<

  • No specific countries, please!  Either U.S. or W.W. only.  I've received requests for specific countries and / or topics and I just can't fill them.  The stamps that are to be given away are not set up to allow this time-consuming task.

  • One request per person!  I'll be checking your letters against those already received.  Also, don't ask friends, neighbors, relatives to write for you.  I'll simply not honor the request if it looks like a ringer sent it.  (Sorry - but I've had a few people try this and it ruins it for honest people.)

  • No E-Mail requests / status requests / any type of harassment.  No need to follow up and ask when they'll be sent - they will be.  Building packets does take some time and since it's my time...

  • I'd like to see a request through the mail.  If you can't seem to do that, please don't ask.  I may follow up by E-Mail (if you send your E-Mail address) to let you know they were sent.

  • Optional - You can include your age if you'd like to. 

The correspondence between us - stays between us -  nobody will ever get your snail mail or E-Mail address for any purpose.  I will never solicit anyone who sends in a request for any reason.  

Collecting stamps is supposed to be fun!

Write to:

Mr. Tracy Barber
164 AuSable Street 
Apt. #2
Keeseville, N.Y. 12944

Included with the stamps is a short article on how to soak stamps and a "Basics for Beginners" page length article.  Thanks go out to Bob Ingraham for this wonderful primer.

But most of all... Have fun... Keep on collecting!


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