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The latest stamp request statistics have been posted for the "Freebie Stamp Project", as of today.

Welcome to the people from the following places!



Rhode Island




The latest stamp request statistics have been posted for the "Freebie Stamp Project", as of today.



   1) Face Lift!  A tremendous amount of time will be going into a complete makeover of the web site. I'll be adding new sections, removing others, getting back to making album covers again, stamp contests, etc., etc... over the next month.

   2) Latest stamp request statistics have been posted for the Freebie Stamp Project, as of today.  Split all of the sections - you can find them at the bottom of that page.




   1) Updated the statistics page.  It has been quite a while since I've done that, I see!  Yikes!   Almost up to 50,000 donated stamps.  Was hoping for a 01/01/01 deadline, but I'm off by about 1,200 stamps. 

   2) I've sent out MS Word templates to several people who are going to make some album covers.  I'm hoping that they will allow me to post the finished covers here.  Anyone who wants the templates and / or to help out, please e-mail me.

   3) I've been giving some thought to contests where you can win country packets.  Still in the "thinking" phase.  Not too sure where I'd post the contests, but they'll be philatelic in nature.

   4) I may be working with another fellow on the "Freebie Stamp Project".  Still in the discussion phase.  He has been donating stamps as well.


06 / 24 / 2000:

Updated the statistics page.


03 / 19 / 2000:

Updated the statistics page.  Am presently finishing Canada, after a LONG hiatus from the covers.   I seem to be getting back into it.  I'm not happy with the cover yet but will finish in a day or so.  Will be pumping out about 3 - 5 covers per week after that.   Finally got that "feeling" again!

Trying to get Laura to contribute to the site but, well, she has some other things 

to do as of late.    I'd like to see some of her bottle collection on-line.


02 / 23 / 2000:

Updated the statistics page.  Am deciding whether to split up the statistics and the credits due to length of the page.

Started to build the Hallock C. Alvord postal history project main page.  Wrote a small overview.   (Note:   This is a BIG project, with many, many pages and a few of the graphics will be a bit large, due to the scanning needed to get the proper resolution)

Am prepping to move back to doing covers again.  (Yeah, yeah, he's been promising this for about 4 - 5 months now!)


12 / 06 / 1999:

Compiled statistics about which covers people have been requesting.  I will be creating covers for the most requested to the least requested.  Thank you for your interest and support!

Downloaded many maps to be used for the album covers.   These are maps created by the C.I.A. - they're free and can be used by all.  (There are no "secrets" to be found on these maps).  The web site link for these maps can be found on the Covers page.

The donation statistics have been updated.

The credits list has been updated.  Thank You!


10 / 04 / 1999:

The "Freebie Stamp Project" general and country specific totals and statistics were posted for the first time.

The covers page will be featuring new covers in the near future.


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