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Consultant. 1986 - present.  Analysis, referrals, recommendations, design, programming, installation,  training and support of custom computer systems.  Primary specialty is business related systems written in the various dialects of MS Access, Fox Pro, Clipper, dBASE and SQL Server.  Have worked with client / server scenarios.  Work extensively with office integration (OLE) and enhancement of cost effective office procedures / specifications.  Currently working on building large, data driven web sites.

I have been exposed to and work with many different types of computer hardware - primarily IBM and compatibles.  Maintain several client networks - NT, Novell, Windows (all versions) Peer-to-Peer.  Work with Linux.

Data Processing Coordinator / Network Administrator / Instructor.  April 1991 - June 1993 for Bryant & Stratton Business Institute, 1259 Central Avenue, Albany, N.Y. 12205.  Duties included teaching higher level data processing classes, up to 26 contact hours per week; maintaining the college's 65+ stand alone PCs; setting up, training of, and maintaining a 48 PC student network running Novell NetWare version 3.11 and Windows.

Microcomputer Programmer / Analyst.  January 1984 - September 1990 for Blue Shield of Northeastern New York, 187 Wolf Road, Albany, N.Y. 12205.  Duties were to maintain all of the PCs in the organization.  Developed a physician billing / patient maintenance / claims submission system in compiled BASIC.  Developed other systems for clients of BSNENY in dBASE dialects.  Wrote a custom claim maintenance system for the Teamsters Union of Utica, N.Y. in RM COBOL.  Have PC to mainframe experience and various forms of PC to PC communications experience.  Worked some with COBOL and CICS on an IBM 4381 mainframe system.

Senior Lab Assistant / Computer Operator / Programmer.   May 1983 - May 1984 for Albany Business College (now defunct).  Operator duties were performed on a Data General Eclipse C150.  Lab work included setting up and maintaining a student lab of 28 PCs and establishing standards for that lab while actively finishing my degree.  Assisted students with COBOL, RPG II, and BASIC both in the labs and as a private tutor.

Education:  Associate of Occupational Studies from Albany Business College, Albany, N.Y., May 1984.  Attained a GPA of 3.85.  Received a scholarship to The College of Saint Rose. 

One year+ of part-time studies at The College of Saint Rose in Albany N.Y.  Studied RBASE, pascal, Assembler, as well as data structures and systems analysis.

Continuing education with SmartPlanet and Ziff-Davis University.  This is an internet on-line resource that promotes self-motivated learning and grants C.E.U. credits to those who meet specific criteria.

Completely self-taught / self-motivated in all aspects of PCs, including: operating systems, hardware, networking, many DOS / Windows based applications.




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