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Here you will find my current interests with stamp collecting - a hobby that I began as a child.  For the past 4 - 5 years, I've been rekindling that old stamp collecting flame again.  It seems like a raging forest fire!


Album Covers

  • These are custom created covers for custom album pages.

Freebie Stamp Project

  • Write me a letter / note and I'll send you some free stamps.  Also shows statistics of the requests sent out.

Stamps Want List

  • These are some stamps that I'm looking for - to buy and / or trade for.  Nothing entered yet.

Stamps For Sale

  • Here is a list of stamps I'm offering for sale or trade.  Nothing entered yet.

Hallock C. Alvord Postal History Project

  • A USPS postal card history project with news clips, stamps and other historical information about Mr. Alvord, an old-time stamp collector / dealer from the 19th century.

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